Monday, June 2, 2008

The website I like

The website I would like to recommend is . The reason why I like it is because it offers bags of interesting ideas on teaching. Not only does the web provide teachers with examples of class activities, but it also offers lesson plans and useful links. What's more, it is thanks to blogs, forums and "Questtions & Answers" section, which the web offers as well, that English teachers can keep in touch, exchange ideas and experiences with teachers from all over the world!

Monday, April 28, 2008

My first computer experiences

Well, as to my first computer experiences... All I remember is DOS and my first computer science lesson in the primary school. I found it ridiculous that we were actually devoting so much time on it! What's more, I could never fully understand how it worked and that's the reason why I was dreading the coming test on it (which I passed somehow after all:>) Consequently, I got really discouraged from using computer. However, it didn't last long:) When my parents bought our own computer, I could not stop myself from playing solitaire and using Paint:)